In the Center of Oerlikon

Matthias Widmer

Certified massuer

The Foot reflexology massage can treat many different parts of the body:

  • Muscular ailments such as back pain, stiff neck and their effects, such as dizziness
  • Impaired movement / joint pain
  • Support for hormone balance and immune defense system
  • promotes the body's own capacity to repair organ damage (e.g. hyperthyroidism/hyperfunction, liver/kidney problems, bronchitis)

This achieves an above average long-lasting effect and also helps with diagnostics.

The classic massage resolves headaches, pain, and tension in the muscles and relieves their related pain.
Relief is quickly possible with the classic massage.

Lymphatic drainage massage treats primary and secondary lymphoedema (fluid retention, e.g., overweight, postoperative swelling, post-cancer treatment), supports immune defense and relieves pain in chronic conditions (e.g., rheumatism) associated with the lymphatic system.


Brief massage 30 Minuten CHF 60
Massage 60 Minuten (Standard) CHF 120
10 vouchers à 60 minutes CHF 1080 (one treatment for free)